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Nowe Perspektywy

Supporting families association

New Prospects

Our mission is to support people in changing their lives for the better by discovering their potential, raising their motivation to act and building up their strength at every stage of life…

MONIKA DUDEK – President of the association

Who are we?

The association was established in October 2012 and received legal status in April 2013. The notion for this local initiative came as the effect of the experiences and conclusions drawn from an international educational project Families and Schools together in European regions which was carried out by Primary School No 17 in Radom, the City Council of Radom and the teachers’ training centre RODoN. Several years of the Association’s activity led to setting up the first in the local area, specializing in family support, organization – the Family Support and Education Centre, opened in May 2018. We are open for international cooperation to exchange good practices, working over new models of work. The family is always in the centre of our attention.

Please, contact us: e-mail: perspektywy.nowe@gmail.com

What are our objectives?

– supporting vulnerable families in wide
– involving elderly people in social activities in order to prevent social exclusion and the feeling of loneliness
– preventing social exclusion of different groups of people
– providing assistance for families with disabled children
– taking measures to counteract school failures (didactic and educational ones)
– promoting the idea of ​​volunteering
– developing interests, talents and giving motivation to change lifestyle

Whom do we help?
– children and youth from foster families
– adoptive families
– victims of violence
– socially excluded
– addicts
– people with emotional and mental problems
– people with social disorders
– disabled people and their families

How do we help?
– We provide individual and group support
– We provide therapy sessions
– We help in dealing with legal matters
– We build up strength and motivation
– We make people believe that change is possible
– We activate, develop talents, and include beneficiaries in our activities

What else do we offer?
– specialized trainings
– organizing events and picnics
– classes developing abilities and interests for children, young people and adults
– employee volunteering

The Daily Residence Centre „Joyful Harbor” has been operating since 2020 at the „Nowe Perspektywy” Association – it is the first center of this type in Mazovia region. It was created for the elderly people suffering from dementia. We offer occupational therapy workshops, physiotherapist care, consultations and support of a psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist and dietician. They participate in therapeutic activities, including: choreotherapy – therapy through dance, music therapy and general development: logical and mental games, computer classes, trips and more. The families of the charges are also under the care of our organisation. They can use the support of a lawyer, psychiatrist and dietitian, participate in the activities of a support group, use various forms of education and training and thematic meetings to gain knowledge about the essence of the disease, its course and prevention of disease progression.